SelfPay allows sellers to accept cryptocurrency payments using our credit card point of Sale mobile application.

We are injecting 40% of our total transaction fees revenue on each successful charge to the SXP Token buy back program, driving the SxP token price up.

Seller reward in Ether

20% of our transaction fees revenue are given to merchants on each successful charge, a strong incentive to keep the merchants engaged to use our solution and get free cryptocurrency as a reward

Accept cryptocurrency payments

We are allowing each merchant to accept cryptocurrency payments using the same Point of Sale of a credit card, reducing the resistance to change.

SxP token can be used to pay without any transaction fees.

Token Buy Back

40% of our total transaction fees revenue on each successful charge is injected in our SxP token buy back program. Insuring the SXP price going up by deflation and that SxP token will always find a buyer at a good price

Bridging the gap between traditional payments and cryptocurrency

What is SelfPay?

Taking the opportunity that, in Asia, the transaction fees are very high and always added on top of the final price, instead of proposing loyalty points to customers that are mostly tourists and will unlikely return, we are using those transaction fees to finance the SxP token buy back program for our ICO contributors and give our merchant networks rewards!
SelfPay money flow diagram
SelfPay money flow diagram

Our value propositions

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A unique approach

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Bringing merchants to accept cryptocurrencies from everyone, everywhere, anytime





30th of January 2018

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